Scott Parazynski

Founder and CEO, Fluidity Technologies, Inc.

Dr. Scott Parazynski is a highly-decorated and broadly-experienced U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame astronaut, physician, pilot, and technology entrepreneur. He founded Fluidity Technologies to focus on the development of revolutionary input devices powered by machine learning to intuitively move through physical and virtual space.

He worked as a NASA astronaut for nearly 17 years, completing 5 shuttle missions, spending over eight weeks in space and 47 hours on spacewalks. Scott has an extensive innovation portfolio, including medical devices, consumer products and gear developed for extreme environments, and is involved in a variety of technology start-ups and other entrepreneurial ventures based on his intellectual property. He also serves on several corporate and not-for-profit Boards of Directors.

Scott has lived and traveled all over the world, spending many of his grade school years in places such as Senegal, Lebanon, Iran and Greece. A lifelong explorer, he is also the first person to have both flown in space and summited Mt. Everest. In addition, he’s rappelled to the “shoreline” of Masaya volcano’s lava lake, and free dived into the summit caldera lake atop Licancabur, one of the world’s highest.

A graduate of Stanford University and Medical School, he went on to train at Harvard and in Denver for a career in emergency medicine and trauma. As an author and speaker, he has delivered keynotes and lectures all over the world and has numerous publications in the field of space physiology, with expertise in human adaptation to stressful environments.

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