Mike Fucci

Chairman, Deloitte LLP

Mike Fucci is Chairman of the Board, Deloitte LLP. As chairman, Mike leads the board of directors in providing governance and oversight as well as guidance on priority matters such as firm strategy, brand positioning, risk mitigation, talent development, and leadership succession. For the past 33 years, he has been a practitioner and principal at Deloitte, with specialties in human resource transformation, talent strategies, and total rewards.

Mike serves in several leadership positions. He has been a member of the Deloitte LLP board of directors since 2012 and is chairman of the Deloitte Foundation. He also is a member of the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) board of directors and its Global Governance Committee. In addition, Mike has served Deloitte Consulting LLP as national managing director for Advisory and Services, national managing director for Partner Matters, chief operating officer, and member of Consulting’s Executive Committee.

Mike began his career in the New York Actuarial, Benefits and Compensation practice. In 2002, Mike led a transformation of the US Human Capital practice, and in 2009, he took responsibility for all Consulting service areas during a significant economic downturn. During his career, he led the US Human Capital practice’s growth from under $25 million in revenue to over $1 billion, and the practice has been among the US firms’ top performing businesses. In 2008, Mike was named to Consulting magazine’s distinguished “Top 25 Consultants” list for his work with clients and leadership excellence.

Outside of Deloitte, Mike is a thought leader within the HR consulting market, particularly in the areas of talent strategies, succession management, and HR transformation. He has been featured as a Conference Board speaker on HR, compensation, and talent management topics. He was profiled in a Fortune article titled, “Want to move up in the business world? Get a sponsor,” which discussed mentorship and leadership development as elements of succession planning.

Mike attended Montclair State University in New Jersey, where he earned a bachelor of science in mathematics. He resides in Far Hills, NJ, with his wife and three children.


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